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Ted Nelson's (or equivalently ).

Andrew Pam's Xanadu Australia

The Foresight Institute's CritSuite. CritSuite was built to bring to the Web the vitues of the Udanax systems required to support critical discussion. CritSuite is the first 3rd party annotation system for the Web, and is the only one that's

  • open-source & open protocols
  • based on general bi-directional linking
  • allows comments on comments to any depth
  • works within web standards, and therefore on all browsers
  • is inherently uncensorable.
  • lets you ask to be notified when a page you care about is annotated.

Marc Stiegler's science fiction novel Earthweb portrays the breathtaking power that hypertext should have to rapidly integrate vast amounts of knowledge from a large diversity of people scattered over the planet. The central "character" of the novel is a future Web enhanced by the features familiar from the Udanax work -- bi-directional links, filters, and detectors.